To be forever remembered as the heroes they were never meant to be, but the Misfits that they always were, we reserve this place, that shall be forevermore named the:

Hall of misfits

Always surly, never forgotten. And now, in order of highest bribes...

Mischievious founders

empress billie -the first tactician

"If it's cute and violent, I'll probably play it."

lady Ciera - the first renegade

"Are you dying? Did a girl just make you die?"

Sir Josh - the brewmaster

"So, I may have bought you a chair."

Lady chantel - the sniper

"I may have rolled another natural 20."


"You do realize I'm going to kill you?"

Sir dan - the white knight

"Guys we probably shouldn't kill everyone."

Archduke David - The northern fox

"No u."

Sir Eric - the gamesmaster


BARON DAN - THE dapper

"F*ck it, let's do this!"

Lady shy - the drunken monk

"I may need another drink for this."